things that i did not do this weekend

I'm in my last year of undergrad as an English major. I am taking 24 credits this semester, in order to graduate in May. Three of these courses are English courses. This means that my weeks are very busy, and that I am always reading. Always, always, always reading. I cherish my weekends. However, since the semester started at the end of August, I have noticed that I always overestimate my weekend productivity, and then when Sunday night rolls around, I realize that I did not do much to ensure that the week will be pleasant and stress-free.

Here's an account of last Sunday night's inventory:

Unopened and unsorted mail
I did not go through my mail.

Bug-killing vacuum
I did not vacuum my carpet. Of course, I did not even get the vacuum out of the closet in order to clean the carpets. I got the vacuum out of the closet so I could suck up a spider, but I didn't get the spider either. By the time I retrieved the vacuum, it had disappeared. That was four days ago. I still have not found the spider, and it was gigantic. I also have not spent any extended amount of time in the living room since, because I am scared.

Messy shoes
I did not move my shoes from the floor by my front door to the floor of my closet. I didn't even straighten them. My little cousins would be so disappointed in me. Their shoes are always tidy.

Forgotten books
Sadly, I did not even remember to put my books in the car for class. I went to my 8am class without any books for the whole day, and had to come all the way home after it.

This weekend, two of my dear friends are visiting from Toronto. I'm sure that even less will get accomplished, and I'm so excited.


an exercise in studying

Civilization Studies I and II are required for graduation at my school. I'm graduating in May, ergo, I must take these courses. Here's the deal: I love history. I do not love studying it when I am surrounded by people who do not love it. I've taken European History and Asian History at the college level. Somehow, this still does not add up to Civilization Studies I and II. So...I'm taking World Civ I online from the community college. At least I don't have to sit in a class, but my book was written for ninth graders. It has bold "key words" and everything. But, every Sunday, I have to submit a lot of busy work. Here's how the process usually goes:

Studying with a Furrowed Brow
The furrowed brow is an effort to keep myself awake.

Studying...sort of
But sometimes, my nails are more interesting than the textbook.

Not really studying so much
And sometimes, I just can't take it anymore.

My secret
Bolthouse Vanilla Chai gets me through the evening. My assignments, due at midnight, are submitted by 11:48, and I close my book until next week.

disco lights

Giving credit where credit is due, the title for the blog shares its name and takes its inspiration from an Emm Gryner song.

"Give me disco lights, while I've got dishes on repeat, you're forgettable like 1993."

I went through a phase when I was determined to make "forgettable like 1993" my new insult. It lasted about a week, but then I probably saw something shiny, and forgot all about it.

This is primarily a photo blog. If you want to read my deepest, darkest secrets, I am sorry to disappoint you. Feel free to do a psychoanalysis of my personality from the pictures that I post, though.

First photo post coming soon!