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I was doing so well with posting every day, but then spring break happened. I've been a little busy doing some decompressing. Only a few weeks left in the semester, and I have a lot of work ahead of me, so I had to take some time to go back to Chicago, hang out with the mom, see a movie, go to the symphony, and do some shopping. I'm back in Michigan now, though, and the next couple of days are probably going to be fairly focused on schoolwork. Every second counts from now until the end of April.

When I was in elementary school, I often "compacted out" of subjects for a unite. This meant that, since I did well on the test before the material was taught, I spent a lot of time in the front hall and library of my school, doing fun research projects on topics of my choice. I don't think that was the most effective method for dealing with students who were ahead of their classmates, but I thought it was a sweet deal at the time. One of the projects that I did, in about fourth or fifth grade, was on the grand state of Washington. I've been wanting to visit ever since.

I finally had my chance in January. I spent a week in Vancouver as a writer & photographer at the 2008 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships, but since flying in and out of Seattle saved me about $300, I got to spend an afternoon in Seattle when I arrived. My best friend, Jules, went with me, and our friend Meg drove down to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to pick us up. We were there on a beautiful, sunny day - definitely a rarity, especially in January! Meg, a native Vancouverite, was a little chilly, but Jules and I are accustomed to the Michigan winter, so we walked around the city without anything heavier than a sweatshirt. Meg took us to the Pike Place Market, and we also drove by the Space Needle for a few quick photos, although we didn't go up it or anything. I try to avoid things that are taller than two stories.


Veggies! I loved walking through the market and seeing all of the bright colours. Coloured food is so fun. We ate inside the market, at one of the seafood places, and I had some pretty great fish while we watched the ferries cross Puget Sound. 1/60, f/4, ISO 400.

Green peppers

Almost good enough to eat - but I don't like peppers. They do photograph well, though. Outside of the market, there are still a lot of shops with fresh veggies out on the sidewalk. 1/400, f/2, ISO 100.


This was facing south from the market area, but I have no idea which mountain that is in the distance. Perhaps someone can help, since Wikipedia didn't do much for me. I don't know what that domed thing is, either...some sort of arena, maybe. I'm pretty useless, but I can tell you that part of the reason I like this photo so much is because I'm such a city girl and I think highways are pretty. 1/200, f/10, ISO 100.


This is just a random street near the market area in Seattle. We were taking pictures of Puget Sound and the mountains, and then when we turned around, I saw that, and thought it was pretty. 1/200, f/13, ISO 100.

Original Starbucks

This isn't much of a photo, but it represents quite a moment. Possibly the most exciting part of my day in Seattle was visiting the World's First Starbucks. Even the logo is different! I bought a special Pike Place Starbucks travel mug, and the whole experience was heartwarming. Starbucks may be just #4 on my list of favourite coffee establishments, but I still love it quite a bit. 1/800, f/2, ISO 100.

Next: the sights of Vancouver.

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